Anca Munteanu Rimnic

Edition per Motive 10 + 3 AP
Digital C-Print,
Numbered and Signed, 2018
40 x 50 cm
400,00 € per Picture (incl. VAT)

Anca Munteanu Rimnic, the artist born in Bucharest in 1974, lives and works in Berlin. After completing her studies at the UdK in Berlin, she’s attended a host of teachings, including a Master Class that was presented by John Bladessari in Los Angeles.

In her captivating artwork, ranging from sculptures, videography, photography and performance art, she unleashes herself in outlandish and tragicomic art styles in order to differentiate what constitutes her daily life from what she defines her life to be about. She takes an interest in just about anything, be they blocks of salt, old carpets or embroidery, leather whips, the clatter of tap shoes or discarded millstones. The artist’s perceptions for the grotesque found in mankind’s existence, is influenced by the loss of her Romanian birth country. This inner turmoil is her constant companion and provides her with the necessary impetus for new inspirations.

For the SOS-Edition, the illustrations she presents are of people in traditional Romanian regional costume, with their depicted faces unrecognizable and in so doing, robbing them of their identity.  Munteanu Rimnic tackles topics such as identity, coping with the past and a belief in progress. Yet her work often comes across as humorous, playful and subtly skeptical.

“The world we live in today is so diverse. We cannot honestly say that we had no choice”, said Anca Munteanu Rimnic.

SOS-Children’s Village Bucharest

The SOS-Children’s Village began their activities in Romania in 1989, shortly after images of orphanages that shocked the world were released during Ceausescu’s rule. Although life has improved in Romania, many families still suffer hardships. At the SOS-Children’s Village in Bucharest children without parental care are provided with a caring home in one of the 15 SOS-Families. There is a Kindergarten and a mobile “Playbus” that parks wherever disadvantaged children live.

Children from Roma families, who belong to the largest minority grouping in Romania, are especially disadvantaged. But also children, who have to live on the streets, suffer frequent attacks and exploitation.

To avoid the break-up of families, SOS-Children’s Village works closely together with families from the community. The SOS provides children access to primary care, in collaboration with local official organizations, with parents receiving counselling on legal and social issues.

Family support programs were established at all three locations, as a means to combat child poverty and child neglect, which remain high priorities for the SOS-Children’s Villages in Romania. Teenagers are also able to live at the SOS-Youth Center in order for them to prepare for an independent life.

By purchasing the Edition by Ana Munteanu Rimnic you are supporting the SOS-Children’s Village in Bucharest.