Chia Raissa Gildemeister

SOS-Edition 2014
20 original collages
Mixed technique, acrylic on paper
26,5 cm x 26,5 cm
Sold out

Chia Raissa Gildemeister, born in Ivory Coast, has been working as artist in Germany for many years. In her studio in the artist village of Worpswede near Bremen, she creates among other things collages, pictures, sculptures and installations. Her work brings the human being to the foreground again and again, and is strongly inspired by the art of the Korhogo region in the northern part of Ivory Coast. For her creation, she uses bright colours and natural materials such as sisal, cotton and henna.

Her work has been exhibited in numerous museums and galleries, among others in Worpswede, Bremen, Hanover, Munich and Mainz.

For the SOS Edition, she created twenty originals from the most different materials such as acrylic, sisal, raffia and clay with a mixed technique on flexible paper. With the purchase of one of the twenty originals, you support the SOS Children’s Village Abobo-Gare.

SOS Children's Village Abobo-Gare, Côte d'Ivoire

More than forty years ago, the SOS Children’s Village in Abobo-Gare was the first one of its kind to open its gates on the African continent. Hundred parentless and abandoned children find a loving home in the ten family houses.

While Côte d’Ivoire used to be a blooming nation until not too long ago, today more than 50% of the population lives in poverty. In Abobo-Gare, there are thousands of children and young people growing up without the protection and care of a family. The SOS Children’s Villages has set as a goal in Abobo-Gare that by 2016, about 3300 children will be cared for in the Children’s Village, in SOS families outside of the village and in foster families. This goal is being achieved in cooperation with parishes, public associates and local authorities.

Since 2004, there is also an SOS Medical Centre. Every year, approximately 2700 patients from the surrounding area are taken care of and provided with advice. As a preventive programme, the Family Assistance of our SOS Social Centres tries to strengthen broken and suffering families in the proximity of the Children’s Villages so that the children do not have to leave their homes. The assistance varies from HIV and AIDS education campaigns, aliments and medicines to grants for the founding of self-help projects.