Federico Herrero

Federico Herrero

SOS-Edition 2018
Edition: 10 Lithographs
Multicolored, Numbered and Signed
50 x 40cm, 2018
Price on request


10 Original Lithographs on Handmade Paper
Multicolored, Signed and Numbered
50 x 40cm, Framed with Glass, 2018

Federico Herrero was born in 1978 in San Jose Costa Rica and is regarded as one of the most important contemporary artists hailing from Latin America.

He studied painting at the Pratt Institute in New York from 1997 until 1998. And in 2001, at the age of 20, he won the Special Prize for Young Artists at Biennale in Venice and since then continued to tirelessly paint in his hometown of Costa Rica. His list of exhibitions is a long one: Federico Herrero has exhibited his work in Athens, Düsseldorf, Havana, Copenhagen, Madrid, Mexico City, San Francisco, Tokyo and Vancouver.

Herrero paints colorful landscapes, some on canvas with extremely large dimensions. But also multicolored abstracts or monochrome colorful spaces emerge on concrete pillars, crumbling high walls or on the façades of high-rise apartment blocks. The trusted visual communications expressed in cities graffiti or in their modest signs, is aptly conveyed in his artwork. He does not only focus on the traditional North American color-field paintings, but reflects on the influences of these vivid intensive colors, found in Latin American paintings.

Federico Herrero’s art is not meant to be kept isolated and withdrawn, but to form part of everyday life. In 2016, for the Residency Projects and under the inquisitive eyes of the residents from London’s neighborhood in Peckham, Herrero painted a formerly dreary playground floor, turning it into a bright multicolor, which delighted the children!

For the SOS-Edition 2018; Federico Herrero created 10 numbered and signed lithographs. Additionally, he designed ten monotypes in striking colors, which will be sold to support the SOS-Children’s Village in Tres Rios Costa Rica.

SOS-Children’s Village Tres Rios

Costa Rica has one of the highest standards of living in Nord and South America. Nonetheless, countless people live in extreme poverty and the living conditions of thousands of children remain precarious. The rural areas of Costa Rica and some portions of the capital San Jose are prone to poverty. Nearly, every 10th child between the ages of 5 and 14 year’s of age is forced to work.

Since a number of years, forced prostitution and child-trafficking continues to be a growing problem. Furthermore, the Caribbean coast in particular, is a transit corridor for the drug trade from South America. The SOS-Children’s Village Tres Rios, in existence since 1975, lies approximately 10km from San Jose, and offers a loving home to 117 children.

Every family home of the village has their own small vegetable garden. The planting and harvesting of a variety of vegetables and fruit, brings the mother’s and children great joy.

The children from the Village attend the local public schools and kindergartens within the community. During their free-time they enjoy participating in various programs on offer, such as ballet, hip hop, music, swimming or judo. These recreational activities are not only loved, but they promote self-confidence and self-respect, in oft traumatized children.