Kerim Seiler

Kerim Seiler

Heliograph, multicolored Numbered and signed, 2015
Edition: 50 (+ 3 AP & 1 PP)
Print: aprox. 49 x 44 cm
Paper: 70 x 58 cm
€ 500,- per edition (incl. VAT)

Kerim Seiler was born in Bern in 1974. He started his art education in 1991 by completing a pre-course for the Kunstgewerbeschule Zürich. Between 1993 and 1995 he completed the degree course “Média Mixtes“ at the Ecole Supérieure d’Art Visuel Genève. From 1997 to 2002 he continued his art education further at the Hochschule für Bildende Kunst in Hamburg. His diploma tutor was Professor Bernhard Johannes Blume. In 2011, he completed the Master of Advanced Studies in Architecture at the ETH Zürich, one of the leading technologic-natural scientific universities in the world.

Seiler’s images dissolve into individual elements that become tridimensional. His work becomes “accessible” and so it can be observed also from behind. The observer stands inside the image. Clarity and feasibility give Seiler’s art the claim of a social sculpture that is independent from any fundamental debate. Through flexibility and humor, his sculptures emanate a consistent quality.

Seiler’s work was already exhibited worldwide – in Moscow, Cairo, Zurich, New York, Berlin, Paris, Los Angeles and Johannesburg. He is represented by Grieder Contemporary in Berlin and Zurich, and by Andreiana Mihail Gallery in Bucharest.

“Kerim Seiler does not commit to one single aspect, but to the plurality of the form and the language that inspires the artist, who has roamed around different continents and cultures” (Werner Aebi/Fachcom). Currently, the artist lives in Zurich and Berlin.

SOS Holiday Village Caldonazzo, Italy

The first SOS children could spend their summer holidays in the SOS Holiday Village Caldonazzo at the Caldonazzo lake, near Trent in Northern Italy already in 1953. The basic concept was: SOS Children’s Village children spend untroubled and varied holidays at the lake, and so the SOS mothers can enjoy their well-deserved holidays in the summer time. Annually, more than one thousand children from the whole of Europe take part in this unforgettable experience.

The children in school age live from three to four weeks in tents and simple bungalows. A large kitchen takes care of their meals. In the high season about 1100 dinners are prepared during each meal time. At the medical ward, there is a doctor on call around the clock. Experienced lifesaving staff cares for unworried fun in the water.

On the spacious grounds, there is enough room for playing, letting off steam, football, track and field, chess and a lot more. A wide spectrum of activities (sports, hiking, swimming, handicrafts, painting, theatre, dance, newspaper workshop, etc.) gives the children a possibility to enjoy group activities and experience a creative holiday time.

The living together of the different nationalities is encouraged and through this, a considerable contribution towards peace education is done. “Caldo”, as the holiday village is affectionately called, has developed into a place for multicultural coexistence.