Tal R

Tal R

SOS-Edition 2013
Edition: 50
Numbered and signed etching
30 × 40 cm
Price on request

Tal Rosenzweig Tekinoktay, known by his pseudonym Tal R, was born in Israel in 1967 as the son of a Danish mother and a Czech father. When he was only six months old, he moved with his family to Denmark, where he lived from then on. After his studies at the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, he obtained a visiting professorship at the Finnish Academy of Fine Arts in Helsinki, and three years later at the University of the Fine Arts in Hamburg. Since 2005, the Danish artist teaches a master class of painting at the Düsseldorf Arts Academy.

Whether it is a sculpture made out of the most diverse elements, a video installation with bizarrely flickering patterns or a large format painting, Tal R commits neither to the materials nor to the forms of presentation. This is why the works that he has developed over the last fifteen years are very varied and have gained him an international recognition. His art work is experimental and sometimes provocative. More than anything, it is colourful – a bit like at the carnival, as he says. The artist has already had several solo and group exhibitions worldwide, among others with Jonathan Meese.

SOS Children's Village Megadim in Migdal Haemek, Israel

The SOS Children’s Village Megadim was opened in 1997. Children from the region that cannot live with their parents anymore find loving homes in the eight SOS Families of the Children’s Village. Here they are affectionately looked after by the SOS Mothers in a stable and familiar environment, together with their siblings. A loving home is the most important prerequisite for helping the often traumatised children to grow up into self-confident and optimistic adults.

Apart from the SOS youth facilities, a social centre, and the SOS Family Assistance, there are also therapeutic day-care centres in the Children’s Village. This is where up to sixty more children with behavioural problems or emotional deficits are taken care of. The girls and boys originate from needy families and live in a complicated social environment. Without the therapeutic day-care centres, the only remaining option for these children would often be a placement in a care facility. However, with the help from the SOS they can stay with their parents. Educators, parents and therapists try to give the children an opportunity to develop emotionally, mentally, socially and in good health, without having to be separated from their families.